FreshDirect iPad App

Lead design of an award-winning iPad app for New York’s biggest online grocer

Product Strategy • UI Design • Art Direction



FreshDirect had long established its brand as the go-to online grocer in New York City.

Looking to improve their mobile shopping experience across the board, FreshDirect saw the iPad as a blank slate to create new ways for customers to shop.

I was hired by FreshDirect’s growth strategy firm MACHINE to supplement the team as the Lead Product Designer. Working alongside MACHINE’s team, leaders at FreshDirect, and their development partner, Door3, we created an iPad experience that matched the quality of Fresh Direct’s carefully sourced food.

The design won a Webby Award for Best Tablet Shopping Experience.



We tested and refined our ideas by sharing prototypes with FreshDirect customers early in the process.

Below are some highlights of new product improvements.


The Essentials

Grocery shopping typically involves grabbing the essentials first, so we put the customer’s frequently ordered items right at their fingertips.




A collapsing navigation pattern allows customers to quickly jump in and out of storefronts and categories.


Digital Storefronts

Smaller in-app stores designed with custom photography and badges echoed real-world shopping.


Cooking Inspiration

Customers can find recipes, cooking tips and tricks, and producer stories all in one place.


Streamlined Checkout

At checkout, customers can view and edit their delivery information, address and payment info, and then checkout with a single tap.



Visual Design

Moodboards inspired the UI, which was then defined in a styleguide. 

To avoid the “farm to table” chalkboard and handwriting look that’s often overused when portraying fresh food, we selected a natural, cozy look.



Newslab was chosen as the display typeface for its soft, upbeat personality and Brandon Text for its warmth and large x-height for the body copy.



Food photographer Johnny Miller shot lifestyle photos depicting everyday cooking moments to use on shop landing pages and in promo areas throughout the app.



I delivered a styleguide to ensure the consistency of future designs and aid in a smooth handoff between teams. 




Design and Growth Strategy Firm

Ryan Jacoby / Project Lead
Erin Nolan / Lead Product Designer
Janvi Jhaveri / Strategist
Miles Fitzgerald / UX Designer


Development Firm


Jodi Kahn / Chief Consumer Officer
Lisa Kolodny / VP of Marketing
Liz Kennedy / Content & Social Media
Ron Breakstone / VP of Technology
Paloma Campo, Pablo Aguilar / Designer
Johnny Miller / Photography




Erin is a product designer at Squarespace



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